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The Story of The American Regulators

The American Regulators enable community members to volunteer boots on the ground after disasters. We work hands-on with communities, organizations, and government officials to mitigate the impact of disasters. American Regulators encourage community members regardless of race, religion, or disability to join us in continuing our work for disaster-stricken communities. Together we can make a huge impact, utilizing the knowledge and professionalism of our volunteers. 

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Veterans & First Responders

Our Veterans and first responders are one of the most important assets this nation has. Their sacrifices have paved the way for the many rights Americans have now. However, once they return or take their uniform off for the last time, their battle doesn't always end. It is our goal to help support Veterans and first responders in any way we can. This can range from finding help for PTSD, to opportunities of volunteering in disasters with like-minded individuals.


Natural Disasters/Search and Rescue

Our organization is proud to be able to help communities that have experienced a natural disaster or a missing person. This can range from sending teams out for search and rescue, search and recovery, disaster clean up, disaster rebuilding and long term recovery committee support.



The foundation of every city are the communities that rest in it. Building these communities up in the way of helping a homeowner with home repairs, debris removal, delivering food to an individual who is unable to leave their home, or helping a community build better relations amongst itself are just some of the things our organization helps with. 



One of our goals as an organization is to help educate people. Learn about basic skills such as fire starting, water sanitation, shelter building, basic self-defense, medical care, and surviving disasters. These basic skills can distinguish between surviving the event and not surviving.

Professional certifications and training are provided for members.

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