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The Story of The American Regulators

The American Regulators is a transformative Humanitarian Organization that started in 2021. We embrace a strategy of empowering the community from the ground up, facilitating leadership opportunities and advocating for faster disaster response with a real impact in communities across the Nation.


What started as a local project, quickly grew to encompass members from around the United States. Together, our volunteer members, The American Regulators engages and mobilizes volunteer membership teams and leaders from all backgrounds and walks of life. We are a 501(c)(3) that utilizes its funds to help those in the communities in need. Get in touch to learn more about our missions and join our cause today.

Our Mission

The American Regulators wish to enhance the life of every individual in this nation through strengthening communities, helping in times of disaster, educating the public, empowering those without a voice and giving to those who have already given so much.

Our Vision

Every individual has the ability to exercise their rights, have their needs met in a way that helps them be successful, and know that there are people willing to help when needed.

Our Goals

  • To impact our communities in a positive manner striving for unity, health and camaraderie in a way that brings success to the communities and its members.


  • Educating the public on matters such as human trafficking awareness, disaster preparedness, and community outreach so that each person can respond to their situations in a manner suitable to receive the assistance or backing needed.

  • Training members of the organization and community to better prepare for natural disasters, civil unrest in disaster areas,  and search and rescue.

  • To properly train our volunteer members in Disaster Relief and Search/Rescue to maintain a constant state of readiness.


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Human Trafficking

One of our missions is to bring awareness and understanding to people concerning human trafficking. The average age of a sex trafficked child is 17. However, the ages can range from infancy and up. These children are not from just impoverished neighbors, but some of the most elite also. This is a real problem in the United States, but the average person is not aware that it exists - sometimes even next door.  

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Veterans & First Responders

Our Veterans and first responders are one of the most important assets this nation has. Their sacrifices have paved the way for the many rights Americans take advantage of now. However, once they return or take their uniform off for the last time, their battle doesn't always end. It is our hope to help support Veterans and first responders in any way we can. This can range from finding help for PTSD, supporting deployed Veterans and their families, and petitioning for legislation that continues to give our Veterans and first responders the support they need. 


Natural Disasters/SAR

Our organization is proud to be able to help communities that have experienced a natural disaster or a missing person. This can range from sending teams out for clean up, moral support, searching and ground support. 



The foundation of every city are the communities that rest in it. Building these communities up in the way of helping a homeowner with minor home repairs, delivering food to an individual who is unable to leave their home, or helping a community build better relations amongst itself are just some of the things our organization helps with.  



The foundation of all of our freedoms is the Constitution. We as an organization keep up with the newest legislation that is moving through the system in order to petition law-makers, advocate for individuals affected by the legislation, and to keep the communities aware of how the new legislation could affect them and their future.  

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