Please Help Us Make A Difference in Someone's Life

The American Regulators are currently operating in the Goshen, Ohio area in a Humanitarian effort to help restore the area from a recent tornado that devastated the town and surrounding properties! Your donations are important to us and the persons in need of help from natural disasters. They help us make a difference in someone's life. Every bit of your money goes to the cause you have chosen. We have no paid employees. We are a group of volunteers who want to make a difference and your donation will help us achieve our missions.  Filling the operational needs of gasoline, diesel, oil and many other needed items to accomplish the tasks.  Aug 5th - 8th, we are calling for additional Volunteers to help out with a crunch time push of long hour days before the last day of tornado debris pick up on Aug 8, 2022 set by the EMA!  The American Regulators will be working on the remaining properties on the list and any additional help will be greatly appreciated (A.M. AND/OR P.M.).  The meeting place will be at the the Goshen United Methodist Church at 6710 Goshen Road, Goshen, OH 45122. The event held on Sat. July 23rd was received well with over 100 volunteers involved in the community clean up!  Thank you to everyone that pitched in with labor and donations! 

Donations can also be made to the Emergency Management Agency at the following link:
There will be a red donate button at the top of the website page.